the color radiography device was invented. It uses CERN technology

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New Zealand scientists Phil and Anthony Butler (father and son) at Canterbury and Otago universities have developed X-rays of "new generation" that could revolutionize the medical field. Using CERN's Medipix3 technology the two have created over the last decade a device that can produce three-dimensional color radiographs. Using these new imaging capabilities, physicians will have more detailed information about the condition of the patient at hand, thus offering customized diagnosis and treatment for each case

Medipix technology was developed more than 20 years ago by CERN and was used to make the famous particle accelerator, LHC. This was used to monitor particles inside the accelerator. Adapted to the medical field, Medipix3 uses its photo sensors and sensors that can detect particles to capture images at very high resolution, each particle being recorded, along with photo capture.

To make colored radiographs, in addition to photo capture, Medipix technology is joined to an X-ray machine. Captured images are then processed using advanced algorithms, generating a three-dimensional image. The colors depicted are related to the different energy levels that X-rays have when they come in contact with various parts of the body (fat, water, calcium, etc.)

The final device is developed by Phil and Anthony Butler in collaboration with MARS Bioimaging, so there are plans for a commercial release in the near future. Currently, technology is used to study cancer, bone and wrist disease, and vascular disease that can cause stroke or stroke.

The next step before being widely used, the MARS will be used to scan patients in New Zealand's orthopedic and rheumatology salons, this being its first clinical trial. As a result, it is likely that this technology will be improved if necessary or will also be used in hospitals in other countries

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