The company that launched the $ 10,000 smartphone is still trying once with a $ 1,000 blockchain


Sirin Labs made waves in the summer of 2016 after announcing a high-security smartphone called Solarin, which cost $ 10,000. Because there is not a market for luxury phones, we can assume that the model was not sold well.

Now the company is working on a smartphone blockchain, which will be built by giant Foxconn. It will have a more decent $ 1,000

The phone, called Finney, targets those with virtual coins. Besides the fact that it allows the trading and storage of cryptomones, the model also offers the possibility to share the connection to the mobile Internet with the people around to win tokens

The terminal runs Sirin OS, a version of Android that the company says is very safe.

Finney will be delivered to customers in October this year. Sirin Labs claims he has already received 25,000 terminal preferences.

The smartphone will come with decent technical features: 5.5-inch display, 6GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and 12MP main camera (plus 13MP front).

Recently, another company has announced a smartphone for those with virtual coins. SikurPhone includes a secure wallet for cryptomones and does not provide access to the Google Play Store. Furthermore, it does not allow the installation of applications other than those verified by the manufacturer.

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