Smart Home: The Connectivity Problem in Smart Homes and How to Solve It

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Smart Home: We talked about the problems of everyday customers with Jan-Hendrik Lamp of Comspot, whose employer distributes suitable products , HomeKit is a buzzword, but many other technologies have to be explained. So the topic then slowly comes in the mainstream.

For many years, Mac Life has been working with Apple dealers like Comspot. Also, to broaden your horizons and make a reality comparison. What problems are facing customers who can not or do not always want to use the latest hardware? What are the concerns of customers who do not keep themselves up-to-date,

The Connectivity Problem in Smart Homes and How to Solve It

This is also the case for the Smart Home, which has been bothering us for years but is only slowly becoming mainstream. [19659005] Suppliers of smart home accessories have been celebrating the theme for years. How do you rate the development as a trader? Has the quest for an intelligent home arrived at the customer’s premises?

The smart home theme is becoming increasingly popular with customers, whether it’s lighting control or the temperature of the heating system. Also, door and window sensors and switchable sockets or adapters are being bought more and more frequently.

In the meantime, comfort and energy saving have become important issues for customers.

At HomeKit, Apple tries to provide ease of use and high security standards shine. Is the security aspect a feature that customers value?

Security is an important topic for many customers in the smart home sector. If you want to protect your house, you also want to be sure that the data and access are only available to one and even more authorized persons.

There are cheaper smart home products where security is at a low price owed not as high as is the case with HomeKit-certified products.

There are still enough people who leaves the subject completely cold or critical of the “smart home delusion” stand opposite. What’s missing from your point of view to get these people on board?

Many customers are simply afraid of new technology, especially if they do not understand how it works. Explaining the technique in a simple and understandable way is therefore the alpha and omega for us as a retailer.

What good is it, if a product has a certain encryption technology, but the customer can not do anything with this term and does not recognize the advantages ?

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