The Crayon is the better Apple Pencil – hardly anyone will use it

One comment . Apple's educational keynote appealed to me in many ways. The company breaks with some principles. So the new entry-level iPad finally offers support for the Apple Pencil. So now users can write and draw with the smart pen, which is a Pro-iPad too expensive. That's a good and right step. And yet a much smaller point almost impressed me more. It is the first time a pencil from a third party, Logitech offers probably from the summer of the Crayon. Yes, even before the keynote there was a myriad of stylus models in all price ranges and sizes, but none with the actual features of the Apple Pencil.

The Crayon is the better Apple Pencil

Of course you can argue about the design. Those who do not like bright colors are wrong with the Crayon. And of course the much thicker case is of course intended for the tough everyday school life as the design object Apple Pencil. Now, the Crayon by Logitech is not only a smaller and cheaper Apple Pencil, but even features that the expensive original does not have. On the one hand there is the possibility of charging the pen without an adapter. You just have to remove the plastic cover at the end and can plug in a standard Lightning cable. I still do not know what Apple has thought of Apple Pencil: Who has once put the smart pen in the Lightning port of his iPad, who knows how shaky this connection is and how crazy the whole thing looks like. So if you do not want to risk damaging your pen or the connection of the iPad, you need to charge via Lightning cable. And then the curse of every Apple user becomes clear: nothing works without an adapter. And it is still so small that it is a miracle that I have not lost it yet.

Yet another advantage of the Crayon is the fact that it has a switch. Yes, the smart pin from Logitech can be switched off and is therefore not always empty if you have not used it for a while and left it lying around. At least that's what I always do with my Apple Pencil. And the pin of Logitech also does not need to be paired. It can be used with multiple devices and can easily be switched back and forth. And then there is the price. Logitech wants to offer the Crayon for $ 49, which is half the price of Apple's original.

The Hook on the Story

Now that sounds really good. If I like the Crayon so much, then I could just put it on my head and be happy. But Apple would not be Apple if there were not restrictions. For example, the stylus will apparently be sold only in the education sector from the summer and will not even be available on the "free market". And he works officially only with the newly introduced entry-level iPad. I really can not do anything with my iPad Pro. Certainly the Crayon is mainly intended for schools and perfectly equipped for it. It would not have hurt anyone to sell it outside of the education store and make it compatible with other iPads. So I have to continue shaking my Apple Pencil on my iPad and stick to a pencil 2 hope.

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