The data of 112,000 Facebook users in Romania were accessed by Cambridge Analytica


More than 112,000 Facebook users in Romania were probably illegally visited by Cambridge Analytica, the online social networking site announced

A Facebook spokesman told Mediafax that it is likely that 11,421 people, 78 users who have installed an online poll application and 112,343 people in their friends lists, are likely to be affected

The data of 2.7 million Facebook users in the European Union countries were illegally accessed by British consulting company Cambridge Analytica, the European Commission announced last week. "Facebook has confirmed that the data of up to 2.7 million Europeans – or, more specifically, people in the EU – were probably inadequately accessed by Cambridge Analytica," Christian Wigand, a spokesperson for European Commission. Facebook presented the figure of 2.7 million users affected at EU level in a letter sent on Thursday evening, this being a response to a request by Vera Jourova, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality

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Later, a Facebook spokesman said that Cambridge Analytica had access to 1,079,031 people in the UK and 309,815 people in Germany. The Times of Malta daily reported on April 7th that more than 6,000 Maltese people were illegally accessed, with 214,134 people in Italy, 211,667 people in France, 136,985 people in Spain, and 112,421 people in Romania

In the Netherlands, 89,373 users were affected, and in Portugal 63,080. Data were also accessed by 60,957 people in Belgium and 59,480 people in Greece. In Poland, 57,138 people are affected, 55,337 in Sweden, 44,702 in Ireland, and 41,820 in Denmark. In Bulgaria, 35,718 people were accessed, 33,568 users in Austria, and 32,067 people in Hungary. In the Czech Republic, 29,376 people were affected, 21,517 people in Croatia, 19,693 in Finland, 15,123 in Slovakia, 14,846 in Slovenia, 11,255 in Slovenia, 7,555 in Cyprus, 5,510 in Latvia, 4,757 in Luxembourg and 2,645 in Luxembourg, the Times of Malta newspaper.

The data of 87 million Facebook users, most of them in the United States, were probably illegally accessed by British consulting company Cambridge Analytica, announced online social networking

A company specializing in online data analysis involved in US President Donald Trump's campaign and the pro-Brexit campaign exploited for electoral purposes Facebook data of tens of millions of American citizens in a member of Steve Bannon's team called "War psychological". A transparency activist, Christopher Wylie, revealed to The New York Times and Observer that Cambridge Analytica, owned by billionaire Robert Mercer speculative trader and headed by Steve Bannon at the time, participated in Donald Trump's election campaign using fraudulent Facebook profiles of millions of American voters to build a powerful software program to anticipate and influence electoral preferences. The same analytical company was involved in the campaign for the UK out of the European Union (Brexit). Steve Bannon became director of Donald Trump's campaign team in August 2017.

Cambridge Analytica used data stolen in 2014 from Facebook accounts to determine American voters profiles and send them personalized political ads. Christopher Wylie, who worked with Cambridge University professor for data, told Observer: "We have exploited the Facebook online socialization platform to get millions of voters' profiles. (…) This was the basis on which the company was built ". Documents Observer and Facebook have revealed that by the end of 2015, Cambridge Analytica collects online data to an unprecedented level. Facebook had not yet warned users and took only limited measures to secure the data of over 50 million people. According to The New York Times, copies of Cambridge Analytica data are still online. The information was gathered through an application called "thisisyourdigitallife", created by Professor Aleksandr Kogan independently of his work at Cambridge University. Through its company, Global Science Research (GSR), in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica, hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have been paid to perform personality tests under the pretext of using data for academic studies. But the application also collects the data from the "friends" lists of those who accepted the tests, so the profiles of tens of millions of people have been obtained.

According to The Guardian, Christopher Wylie talked about what he called "Steve Bannon's psychological warfare instrument." He explained that Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer had the idea of ​​using megadate and online social networking methodology for "information operations" on the US electorate. Christopher Wylie contributed ideas and worked on the project before he became the denouncer in the spring of 2017.

Facebook has decided to suspend the accounts of Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie and Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American professor. "We are going to take all the necessary steps to erase the stolen data, we will initiate legal action against the authors of the illegal activities," said Paul Grewal, Vice President of Facebook

Cambridge Analytica is being investigated in the UK by Parliament and regulators on charges of illegal activities in the referendum campaign on the country's membership of the European Union

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