The database of a casino has been compromised by hackers by means of a smart thermometer in an aquarium


The Internet of Things has a big problem at the moment: security. There are not yet many effective ways to protect garage doors, thermostats, plugs or interfaces that are connected to the Internet by cybercriminals, and most manufacturers of these devices are not very concerned about security

A recent incident shows us how dangerous a smart device can be connected to the internet if it is not secure. The database of the names of those who bet big money at a casino in London was compromised by hackers who used as an "entry gate" a smart thermometer mounted in an aquarium. The name of the casino was not made public but the incident was reported by Nicole Eagan, chief executive of Darktrace Computer Security Company, at the Wall Street Journal CEO

Robert Hannigan, head of the British GCHQ espionage agency in 2014-2017, said he saw a bank attacked by hackers through the cheap surveillance camera system he was using. He added that minimum security standards for IoT manufacturers should be imposed because the market will not solve its own problems

These are not the only cases that show that rules are needed on this market. A man who bought an intelligent garage door opener left more negative reviews on the product on Amazon and the manufacturer's forum. Instead of giving the customer technical support, Garadget has remotely disabled the system.

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