The FIFA 18 game predicted the winning team of the World Championship in Russia as early as May


Simulations of sports results using video games are not something new, many of which manage to "guess" the true winner in an official competition. In the 2018 World Championship, FIFA 18 seems to have been good, since its simulations this spring marked France as the undisputed world champion, with 22,000 simulated wins in addition to Brazil's next favorite team

EA Sports boasted in May to use the DLC component of the FIFA 18 world championship to simulate the entire competition. Thus, EA has appointed France as the winning team since spring, but we had to wait until the end of the Russian championship to convince us.

EA has also released statistics based on the behavior of FIFA 18 players. Of the 406 million matches played, most wins have been recorded by those who have played with France, with 248,000 active wins, followed by players who preferred Brazil with 226 thousand and Germany with 105 thousand. Seats 4 and 5 are occupied by Belgium with 99,000 and Spain with 59,000 total wins.

The most played finals in the world championships were between France and Belgium, with a total of 315,637 matches, followed by Germany and France with 146,474 matches and Belgium against France with 145,973 matches. In fact, Belgium and France met in semi-finals, where France won with a score of 1-0.

When it comes to the popularity of the teams, Brazil ranks first with 170 million matches played, followed by France with 153 million, Argentina 3rd with 81 million, Belgium with 4th place with 80 million matches and finally Portugal with about 80 million matches

The EA Sport games or the fair estimate and the champion four years ago at the World Championship in Brazil, where Germany went home with the trophy. Also in the NFL, the Madden game series simulated the Super Bowl winner in the last 13 competitions, correctly estimating the winning team in nine

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