Smartphone users do not seem to be big fans of the "bang" on the new iPhone X needed to hide advanced components such as the Face ID sensor, but that will not stop some companies from copying this design. Although we were expecting Chinese iPhone X clones in 2018, we did not think we would see anything like this from a renowned manufacturer such as Sharp. It seems, however, that its next device, called Aquos S3, will copy not only the "hole" in the top display from Apple but also the vertical camera system

The first images of Sharp Aquos S3 come from Taiwan, the phone being recorded in the National Commission of Communications (CNC) database, providing both device images and a list of technical specifications

From a design point of view, Aquos S3 is trying to emulate the creation of Apple. On the front we have a large display with very thin edges around, but in contrast to the iPhone, on the Sharp we see at the bottom enough frame that the brand logo also takes place. At the top we see a "bang" slightly smaller than the iPhone X, where the speakerphone and the front camera are housed, while on the back there is a vertical-oriented dual-camera system with a LED flash below it and a central fingerprint sensor. The back also seems to be made of glass.

From a technical point of view, the Sharp Aquos S3 will integrate a 5.99 "IPS display with a resolution of 2,040 x 1080 pixels, and will come in two variants. One with Snapdragon 630 chipset, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space and one with Snapdragon 660, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. Both configurations will feature a 16 megapixel front camera and a 12 + 13 megapixel dual-camera system. Last but not least, the phone will offer Android Oreo at the factory.

It is not clear when it will be launched or how much the new Sharp Aquos S3 will cost, but given the integrated hardware, it will surely be among the other mid-range premium devices in the market

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