The first SSD with a 100 TB storage capacity will not be cheap

The first SSD with a 100 TB storage capacity will not be cheap


The possible storage space on SSDs could not previously be compared to the one offered on hard drives, but in the past few years they have caught a huge, even if the technology is still not accessible to consumers. Samsung announced last week an SSD with 30 TB of storage space, a record in the industry, but now Nimbus Data comes with a product that exceeds this capacity more than three times. We are talking about the ExDDrive DC100 SSD, the world's first SSD with 100 TB capability and the "unlimited" rewriting capability.

Since the 1TB SSDs are priced at hundreds of euros, we can assume that the new Nimbus Data will cost a few tens of thousands of euros, if we ever see it on the shelf. The reason why such a product could avoid conventional stores is that it is designed for the business segment, especially for server companies. Since the ExaDrive DC100 comes in a standard 2.5 "format, it can be connected to any computer that has SATA ports, so it can be integrated into existing servers

According to Nimbus, a data center could hold 100 petabytes in one rack of servers using such drives, with huge benefits. Power consumption is lower than hard drives, faster access speeds (500 MB / s, close to the SATA III standard limits), and despite this, space can save space for multiple servers in one alone place. Applications that will benefit greatly from such solutions include Artificial Intelligence servers, which store a lot of data that they access quickly.

The company has not announced a price for the ExaDrive DC100, but it will be available this summer, with "cost-per-terabyte" prices for business SSDs on the market

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