The Galaxy S10 could also have a third version with the same screen size as the Note 9

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In an attempt to make the Galaxy S10 a product for all tastes, Samsung could compete with its own Galaxy Note 9 flagship, launching an edition of the same size but without the S Pen stylus

According to speculation made by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung will not only be content with two Galaxy S10 releases, launching a third variant that will take the place of the next Galaxy Note. Thus, the Galaxy S10 would be released in three editions, with screens of 5.8 ", 6.1" and 6.4 ". The dimensions are almost identical to the next series of iPhone phones, putting Samsung in direct competition with Apple

The largest of the three editions of the Galaxy S10 will have a fingerprint sensor integrated under the screen, while the "compact" model will have a conventional fingerprint sensor positioned on the side of the carcase. Another notable difference would be the amount of RAM, more generous in the 6.4 "version of the Galaxy S10, and the presence of a dual-camera system.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who is looking for information from Asian component suppliers, deduces that Samsung will not neglect the inclusion of the Fingerprint Sensor under the screen, which is needed to differentiate the Galaxy S10 from the iPhone rival

Even more interesting is the rumor of using a configuration with 5 Galaxy S10 cameras, two at the front and three at the back. Astflel, Galaxy S10 will cover both wide-picture and bokeh effects

With Galaxy Note9 still unreleased, the successor of the Galaxy S10 is far away, with the latest rumors leaving the launch target February 2019.

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