The Galaxy S9 could outperform Galaxy S8 and Note 8 in terms of camera performance

In spite of the rumors that preceded their official launch, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 shooting feature did not exceed 60 fps at Full HD resolution, leaving Samsung's fast-forwarding advanced technologies for the next generation

This time, the information is backed up with concrete evidence, taking the form of a new ISOCELL Bright Line image sensor equipped with a 3-stack Fast Readout technology that allows video capture at up to 8x faster than conventional solutions.

Unfortunately, the image sensor specifications do not help to establish an essential aspect - the time allowed for shooting in "Super slow-mo" mode. For example, the Motion Eye sensor developed by Sony can double the number of frames per second (960fps), but the high data volume limits the shooting time to less than half a second for 720p resolution.

Leaving aside the fast shooting function, the Teracell sensor and 0.9μm pixels promise excellent results in low light conditions. Among the technologies on the list of Galaxy S9 specifications could be Dual Pixel AF, Super Phase Detection and Smart WDR, the latter allowing multiple exposures of the same frame, improving the representation of detail in pictures that alternate shaded portions with good areas illuminated.

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