The Gameboy back to CES!

Surprise! The Gameboy is back in 2018 . and it's not with Nintendo!

(CCM) - With the success of the NES Classic Mini and that of the Super NES Classic Mini and the nostalgic craze the public for the retrogaming, it was suspected that it was only a matter of time before the famous Game Boy made a comeback. It's done, Nintendo just grilled politeness very inelegantly by Hyperkin . This American company specializing in peripherals took advantage of the CES show to unveil the Ultra Game Boy, modern clone of the portable console of the 90s.

Presented in detail on the American site Gizmodo (link in English), the Ultra Game Boy has about the same design as the gray brick on which many thirty have worn their eyes. But Hyperkin replaced the gray-white plastic with silver aluminum of the most beautiful effect and chose a more resistant LCD . The key layout remains the same as on the Game Boy, as are the volume and contrast adjustment knobs. A third knob should be added to adjust the backlight of the console which purists can disable.

It should be noted, the Ultra Game Boy presented by Hyperkin remains a prototype and the name is not definitive. What is certain however is that the device will work with a rechargeable battery by USB-C with a battery life of 6 hours . Another difference from the original model, the Ultra Game Boy has two stereo speakers and two audio outputs, for 8-bit music enthusiasts using the console as an instrument.

Finally the device will use the Game Boy cartridges vintage, and most likely that of the Game Boy Color. Which could be the main difference with the eventual Nintendo Game Boy Mini. Hyperkin is talking about an outing by the summer for a price below $ 100.
19459007 Photo: © Hyperkin / Gizmodo.



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