The glass construction of OnePlus 6 does not affect the strength of the phone too much [VIDEO]


OnePlus 6 has just been officially announced, and commands will begin next week on May 22, but already a few influencers have received the phone for testing. Of course, being a device equipped with the most powerful hardware in the market, few expect it to disappoint the performance, but now that the phone is almost entirely made of glass, there are some reasons to worry about resistance. Fortunately, JerryRigEverything has already published a complete clip in which the phone passes through all his "brutal" tests.

Even though OnePlus 6 is probably the cheapest flagship on the market, the company does not seem to have made savings when it comes to building materials quality. Both sides of the phone are covered with Corning's Gorilla Glass 5, which does not scratch very easily and should resist small falls, but we should not expect better resistance than other competing models made of glass

The edges and buttons are made of glossy, very resistant metal, and there is a plastic layer between the metal frame and the glass on the front that absorbs shocks and can save the bottle from cracking. The phone already has a plastic foil applied over the factory display, so you will not have to worry about scratches on the screen surface.

Being an OLED-based smartphone, it is irreparably damaged when excessive heat is applied, so you should keep it away from campfire, stove, or fireplace while its structure is pretty "goose" so that it does not bend even when excessive force is applied

It seems that OnePlus 6 is as well built as other top smartphones on the market, even if it can be bought at half the price

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