It's so necessary to take advantage of the full functionality of a smartphone, that the permanent Internet connection is not easy to assure in any situation, and the speed and data traffic generated are factors that must be taken into account when the activity involves installing

Without too much discrimination, Google Play allowed users to choose whether to install applications exclusively through the Wi-Fi connection, or to use any connection available data, regardless of costs.

By addressing this problem, especially in poorly accessed regions, Google has added a new menu to the Play Store app, called App download preference. From now on, users can choose to install applications using any available data connection, only through Wi-Fi networks, or they can choose to be asked every time.

The last option allows, for example, postponing the installation of an application until connecting to a Wi-Fi network, avoiding situations that are not quite pleasant where the excessive use of the mobile data connection leads to restriction of Internet access, or is charged by telecom operators

Fortunately, even with the "Ask me every time" option, installing or updating Android apps is not interrupted every time, the message appears only if a Wi-Fi connection has not been detected

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