The iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 are no longer top selling. Other models took their place

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If at the beginning of the iPhone X dominated the smartphone market and it was designated as the best-selling phone of the beginning of the year, its spectacular sales slowed. It is still in the top three in terms of sales, but has been overtaken by both a Samsung model lately and another Apple model, much cheaper.

According to a Counterpoint report, the best-selling phones in the world in May 2018 were iPhone 8 from Apple and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus both of which ranked first with 2.4% of all mobile terminals. iPhone X came second with 2.3%, while the following places are occupied by Xiaomi Redmi 5A, iPhone 8 Plus, and only 5th in the Galaxy S9 is the 5th place. Huawei P20 Lite, Vivo X21, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Plus and OPPO A83 occupy the rest of the rankings

Top Smartphone Sales May 2018

This ranking does not say too many positive things about Samsung either. Since the Galaxy S9 is available on the market for only a few months, it would have to sell a lot more units compared to models like iPhone 8 and 8 Plus that will soon be "fulfilled" one year after release .

Top Smartphone Sales April 2018

The only month in which the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were number one in the Counterpoint rankings was April, after their official release. Until then, Apple ran the ranking with iPhone X which represented 3.5% of the market in March and a staggering 5.1% in February. The iPhone X only reached the market in November, and until January it was hard to find in stores, and Apple could not get it anymore in February

Top Smartphone Sales March 2018

This information released by Counterpoint confirms the performance below expectations of the Galaxy S9 series and the popularity of cheaper models from Apple lately. So, launching a cheaper iPhone model with iPhone X design seems to be the best move from Apple, especially after launching Galaxy Note 9 in August, which will most likely come at a price close to 1000 if not even higher

Top Smartphone Sales February 2018

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