The LG G7 could be offered in two versions, with OLED and LCD screen, the latter having a lower price


According to rumors circulated from sources close to the company, LG could offer buyers the choice between two variants of the G7 range, with nearly identical specifications

It's unclear whether we're dealing with a supply problem with OLED screens, or just an attempt from LG to promote MLCD + technology, alternative to IPS. Relatively recent, it promises a higher level of brightness and more efficient use of battery than traditional LCD panels

Apart from the type of screen used, the LG G7's OLED version may also be differentiated by other features, such as the inclusion of a larger amount of RAM and storage space. An example of this is the LG V30, which was later offered in the V30S ThinQ edition with superior technical features

Probably, the LCD screen is a significantly larger share of the G7's production, the attractive price helping LG gain a competitive position with its main rivals, the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.

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