The LG G7 will be part of the "ThinQ" series. "Unconfirmed" design does not impress

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LG has not kept the existence of a new top smartphone secret, speaking publicly about them for several months. In fact, the new LG G7 has been postponed for several months to be designed from scratch, and it will offer a completely new design and integration with the ThinQ artificial intelligence system, which debuted two months ago at the Mobile World Congress on the LG V30S ThinQ. It seems that the new G7 will retain the name ThinQ, which is the brand that will be used from now on on all the AI ​​devices of the Korean company

Despite the fact that LG does not develop its own virtual assistant, ThinQ will use Google Assistant to provide artificial intelligence-based features across multiple software components on its smartphones. The V30S has benefited from the enhancement of photos using ThinQ, and other Ai functions will be used to interact with smart home appliances

The company has confirmed that the new "G-series smartphone" will be a ThinQ phone, suggesting it will be named LG G7 ThinQ. On this occasion, the presentation of the device on May 2 was also confirmed at an event to be held in New York. Considering how close the launch is to the device, there are very few chances that the design will be very different from the one I've encountered in the images that have arrived on the internet in the last few days

We are talking about a full-screen FullView smartphone, cut at the top, but which still has a rather thick frame above and below the display. From the front, the phone looks much like a Galaxy S8 or S9, but with a cut screen, a very strange design decision. The screen appears to be curved at the edges, rounded corner corners, and the dual camera system on the back is centrally positioned vertically. The fingerprint sensor is located underneath the chambers

LG seems to have invested a lot in the development of LG G7 ThinQ, but it could be released a little late to compete with the models launched this spring, especially when we consider that LG phones launched in the last few months at very high prices (V30 and V30S in particular)

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