The main supplier of chipsets for iPhone phones, taken out of a computer virus


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TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) is the largest microprocessor manufacturer in the world, the leading supplier for Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and other famous names. The incident last night led to a simultaneous shutdown of production in several factories hosting costly equipment. Although the information is not very clear, unplanned disruption may have caused serious loss to the company by destroying batches of microprocessors in critical stages of the manufacturing process that can not be resumed once they have been discontinued

Meanwhile, some of the affected facilities resumed their activity, but it may take another day to bring operations to optimal operating parameters.

According to company officials, TSMC has been targeted by computer viruses and in the past, but this is the first time incidents disrupt production activity. The fact is that the incident was not caused by hackers, but the compromise of computer systems was instead the result of malware spreading through poorly protected information systems

Unfortunately, the slowdown in activity production has come at a critical time for companies that depend on the microprocessors provided by TSMC, and compliance with the launch schedule may be questioned for some products. For example, TSMC began producing the A12 chipset for the next generation of iPhone phones as early as May 2018 using 7nm lithography. Even so, production capacity is stretched to the limit for Apple's volume of deliveries, with any disruption likely to have an impact on the stock of iPhone phones available for launch in September

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