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To Make Your SSD Run Optimally: Freeware Tools Boost Speed ​​and Stamina

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If you've ever enjoyed the speed of an SSD on Windows, you can leave any hard drive to the left. But SSDs need care to work optimally. The tools in this download special will do the job for you and provide more speed and longer life.

                Everyone needs: SSD manufacturer tools

If you still use a classic hard drive as a base, you can save time for time-consuming Windows tuning. The reason: Switching to an SSD brings significantly more speed and not only in benchmarks, but felt in every action. A tool should be available to every SSD user, the tools supplied by the manufacturer of the SSD. Intel has the SSD Toolbox, Samsung has its SSD Magician, and SanDisk has the SSD Dashboard ready. With these tool collections you can control the most important tasks around SSDs, such as firmware updates, secure deletion, tuning and reading of health data and more. The limitation of these tools: they only work with the in-house SSDs.

            Manufacturer Tools: A must are the manufacturer tools for SSDs, such as Samsung SSD Magician.
                Picture: Samsung
Extensive Tool Collections
All important functions
Only for SSDs of respective manufacturers

                Move from hard drive to SSD

Switching to an SSD has two options: either reinstall Windows on the SSD and import the rest of data from a backup or migrate an existing installation. In our opinion, the first option is the better one, but we know that many users simply choose Option 2 as well. As a relocation helper offer either the manufacturer tools listed above, or if the manufacturer tool can not, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. With this you can transfer an existing installation from hard disk to SSD via assistant and the software takes care of the perfect setup. Somewhat annoying is that Partition Wizard Free also installs a McAfee protection software that you can not deselect when setting up. You must explicitly uninstall the tool after installation.

            Moving Relief: Partition Wizard Free Moves Windows to SSD.
                Picture: CHIP
Free Moving Tool
English only
Adware is installed

                SSD speed check

Modern SSDs are fast-paced or should be. But if that's not the case, you can use the free tool AS SSD Benchmark to measure. You do not need to install it, just unpack the zip file and get started. The tool uses several tests to examine the performance of the SSD. Only the right SSD has to be selected at the top, then a click on "Start" is enough. AS SSD Benchmark uses various tests to measure, for example, sequential read and write values. In the 4K tests, however, the accesses to the SSD happen randomly. Finally, the tool provides three values: reading performance, writing performance and overall result. It is best to compare the stated sequential read and write rates with the manufacturer's values ​​or the test results from our leaderboard.

            Speed ​​test: AS SSD benchmark checks the speed of an SSD
                Picture: CHIP
Easy operation
Several test runs

                SSD tuning

SSD tuning is often overrated. Windows usually automatically detects SSDs and aligns their actions with them. For example, there is no defragmentation as is common with hard drives, because this would shorten the life of the SSD. But it can happen that Windows does not use the advantages of an SSD in a hard disk move. Then SSD Fresh is a good choice, because it allows you to set the most important parameters around SSDs. Users also get some exciting details to influence the behavior of Windows, such as indexing the files or turning off timestamps. You do not have to get that deep, but with SSD Fresh you can do it quite easily.

                Prevent SSD failures

Like HDDs, SSDs provide vital data that can be used to monitor the drives. CrystalDiskInfo is a handy tool that reads these values ​​and presents them clearly. So you see at a glance the overall state of the SSD, also shows CrystalDiskInfo the temperature. If all values ​​are colored blue, everything is fine. But not all displayed values ​​are really relevant for SSDs, such as startup time or failed spindle starts; they are from the disk world. Nevertheless, they may be listed. Interesting values ​​are the number of defective blocks or the available reserved memory. You should become suspicious at the latest when the coloring of individual dots changes.

            Health: CrystalDiskInfo indicates the health status of your SSD.
                Picture: CHIP

                Safely delete SSD

The deletion of an SSD differs technically in many respects from the procedure for a hard disk. The first choice for safe deletion of an SSD are the tools of the manufacturer. If you do not succeed, Parted Magic will help. The current version of the tool is subject to a charge, but the free version is also sufficient for deletion, which we still offer for download. Write Parted Magic on a USB stick, for example the Rufus tool. Then boot your system from the stick and in Parted Magic under "System Tools" click on "Erase Disk". The tool offers you some options, select "Internal Secure Erase command" at the bottom.

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