The most powerful and expensive warship in the world has no urinals

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USS Gerald R. Ford, the most expensive and powerful military ship in the world, has no urinals. The aircraft carrier cost nearly $ 17 billion, including research and development costs. Marina claims to have made the decision not to include urinals on the ship for the first time in its modern history because it wants toilets to be unisex, "neutral" from a gender perspective. However, about 90% of the crew will be male.

USS Gerald R. Ford will have over 5,000 people aboard and is the first new US aircraft designer after 40 years. The decision to remove urinals has been criticized by many. "This decision was made to give the ship flexibility because there are no toilets dedicated to one sex or another," said a spokesman for the US Navy.

However, interior design specialists say that urinals are more hygienic and occupy less space than toiletries

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