The Mute iPhone: How to Master the Do Not Disturb Feature

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Treat yourself to a well-deserved break from the pressures of work and digital life.But do not worry: you will not miss anything. Your iPhone collects all the clues while it remains inactive and dumb. You need some rest? That’s how it works!

Do you sometimes long for a few minutes away from the daily bustle? Smartphones and tablets allow us to stay connected online and connected to the world. At the same time, the boundaries between our digital, professional and private lives are becoming increasingly blurred. This also means that we have fewer and fewer opportunities to free ourselves from the distractions that our devices bring with them than simply turning them on.

Apple’s solution simply means “do not disturb” – a feature that helps which mutes all messages, callouts, calls, and messages for a set period of time or until you disable them manually. “Do not disturb” is a blessing when you are tired of being woken up by your phone in the middle of the night.

It lasts: 10 minutes

You Learn : How Not To Be Distracted And Focus On The Here And Now

You Need : A Device Running iOS 11

Explained: To allow only certain calls to

. 1 Block All

If you really need rest without interruptions – and without exception – tap “Nobody” to block all incoming calls.

2. Favorites

You can add contacts to your Favorites list in the Contacts app. If you want calls from this select circle to pass through to you even though Do Not Disturb is active, tap Favorites.

3. Groups

If you want to allow a specific group of contacts to reach you, select them at the bottom of the list. Groups can be created and managed in the Contacts app on the Mac or online at

4. Allow calls

If you block messages and alerts, but want to be available for any phone calls, select All Contacts

On the Mac

Do Not Disturb is also a feature of macOS so you can focus on your work. The quickest way to activate them is to click the message center icon in the menu bar while holding down the [alt] button.

Workshop: So Give In To Some Rest With The “Do Not Disturb” Function on iPhone

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