The new GoPro HERO has already been found on store shelves


GoPro did not learn from the mistakes of last year when the HERO6 came to store shelves one week before the official announcement. This situation is repeated in the HERO model I heard information about a few days ago, with the new action room already being sold in a store in the United States. So we can confirm more technical details about the new GoPro and its official price

The Twitter @black_anry user posted on his account a photo made in a BestBuy in El Paso, Texas, with a new GoPro HERO, which is not yet listed on the official GoPro website nor can it be found on the stock of other shops. This is an updated version of the GoPro HERO, which adopts the design of the HERO5 and HERO6 models, but with limited capabilities

We're talking about a camera that features a 10 megapixel sensor that can shoot in Full HD at 60 frames per second and needs the casing included in the water and dustproof package. The price is the most interesting aspect of the new GoPro Hero, which is available in the US at $ 199, being the cheapest room in the company's portfolio

Considering that one of GoPro's biggest problems for now is the weak sales situation due to the high price, the new HERO could bring its revenues back on the waterline. Of course, those who need a better product will have to take out of their pocket more than double the price of the new room. Official launch is expected tomorrow, March 30.

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