The new iPad is not easy to repair, but offers a simple solution to a common problem

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The new iPad appears to be one of Apple's rare products, which is neither expensive nor high-end, but it also offers some advantages over the stronger models in the range. Generally, Apple's products are hard to repair at home, and many of the new iPad components would be hard to replace without the advanced knowledge of disassembly of modern electronics, but perhaps the most common problem, broken glass on the screen is now quite easy changed without a visit to an authorized service

Repairs to Apple products outside the warranty are very expensive in general, even replacing cracked glass on a cheap tablet may cost half the price of a new device. Thus, the fact that the screen and glass are not glued, like modern tablet and smartphones, can be an advantage, especially in the case of a children's tablet and classrooms

Of course, the disassembly is still rather cumbersome, all the components being attached to a very strong adhesive, but with the right tools, a warm air source and patience, the glass could be replaced without affecting the display, resulting in a cost much smaller and the ability to do that at home. Unlike other Apple devices, the internal design of the new iPad is somewhat more modular, the headphone jack and the Lightning Jack plug can be replaced separately from other components

However, the iFixit has given it a very small note of repairability, as most components such as the motherboard and the battery are stuck to the housing, and their disassembly could lead to damage. Also, reassembly requires the use of an adhesive, something that is not exactly available to those who want to fix their devices at home.

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