The new Plantronics headphones featuring Dolby Atmos, RIG 400 and RIG 500E are now available in Romania

The two models have a unique user code for activating the Dolby Atmos headphones at no additional cost

Dobly Atmos offers a powerful, complete sound that comes from everywhere, with precision and realism.

The Plantronics RIG 400 features an interchangeable background noise canceling microphone and volume controls on the connection wire. Earplugs have memory foam for better sound insulation

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The RIG 500E headphones have two interchangeable cups. Ventilated cups offer enhanced comfort in long use sessions, and soundproofing cups are suited for gaming or music sessions. The microphone is detachable.

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Both models connect to devices either through a 3.5 mm universal audio jack or through the USB connector

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