Facebook could give up the most popular feature of the social networking news feed

On Wednesday, during the company's fourth-quarter fiscal income speech, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the evolution of the world's most popular social network. One of the aspects of the discussion drew the attention of those who are particularly present, writes Business Insider.

"We expect Stories to exceed the number of Posts of the News Feed, becoming the most popular way people share content," said Zuckerberg.

Users have been interacting with Facebook over the past decade by browsing News Feed - the collection of photos, comments and links they see when logging in to their personal account

People got familiar with News Feed, the feature being "as familiar as a smartphone keypad," the source quoted. Even if Facebook tried to modify the algorithms that decide what's the first time in the feed, the structure of the network has remained almost unchanged

In turn, Stories is a newer format of video and photo sharing and allows users to make real "mounts" of their content. The fact that Stories was originally developed by Snapchat has not bothered Facebook, who copied the features and embedded them into its products. According to Zuckerberg, WhatsApp and Instagram are now the two main applications for stories sharing globally.

On the other hand, if Zuckerberg sees Stories as a replacement for the News Feed, we can think about how Facebook will look ahead as we know it and how stable American advertising business will be.

A "Resistant" Format for Abuse?

Zuckerberg's comments on Stories are not accidental, but come at a time when Facebook is trying to respond to criticism of fake news, social media addiction among children, and other phenomena related to technology. Zuckerbeg sees Stories as less vulnerable to abuses compared to News Feed

Also, if Facebook wants to focus on Stories, it could start with products like Instagram and WhatsApp, which have a younger base of users more prone to change

Facebook could definitely give up on News Feed if it finds an alternative, and the company is known for its speedy implementation of major plans

In 2012, the company has restructured its advertising business by dropping ads that appear on the right side of the Facebook page when viewed in a browser on a desktop computer. Instead, Facebook created ads designed for mobile devices included in the News Feed. Today, mobile ads account for 89% of Facebook's advertising revenue. The next success story of Facebook could be Stories.

"Another important change we are seeing is the growth of Stories. We estimate Stories will exceed the number of feed posts, the most popular way people share content on social apps. Stories is a better format for publishing multiple clips in a day.

Increasing Stories will have an impact on how we build our products and business, including WhatsApp and Instagram, which are the most used stories products in the world, "said Zuckerberg.

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