The oldest known image that captures the death of a star was discovered on a stone


A team of researchers claims that on a stone found in the Himalayas is the oldest known image of a supernova. For decades, it was thought that the inscription on the stone, made about 3,600 years ago, is a hunting scene.

However, two objects carved in stone attracted the attention of the researchers. They conclude that it is about two heavenly bodies. Even at the time the image was made, the supernova HB9 took place, and the phenomenon from Earth was easily noticed. Thus, the two celestial bodies in the picture represent, according to the researchers conducted by the astrophysician Mayank Vahia, the moon and light - comparable to the planet's natural satellite - visible during the phenomenon

A supernova is a stark explosion stronger than a new one. Supernovae are extremely bright and cause a radiation explosion that is often brighter than an entire galaxy before it disappears after a few weeks or months. Throughout this interval, a supernova can radiate as much energy as the Sun can emit for the duration of its life.

The stone was discovered in 1960. In the image of it appear two hunters, an animal and two discs, which originally thought to be the Moon and the Sun.

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