The OnePlus 5T arrives in "Sandstone White", it's beautiful and it's all sweet



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<p> New year, new color for the OnePlus 5T. The Chinese firm announces this January 4th a "Sandstone White" version of its latest smartphone. The oldest connoisseurs of the brand will see an undisguised tribute to the first colors and the first materials used on the smartphone by which it all started in 2014, the OnePlus One. The latter was released in "Sandstone Black" and "Silk White" versions. </p>
<p> With this "new" 5T, the manufacturer mixes the two possibilities of the time for a very attractive result. This is already the case visually where the bright white gives off a certain sense of chic and it has the merit to distinguish itself from the mass of current smartphones, the color being out of fashion. While there are still some brands to offer white, but the major manufacturers of which Apple and Samsung have all pretty much opted for other nuances. Last joke of this OnePlus 5T White, a red button saver to break the monochromatic aspect of the whole. </p>
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But it is especially to the touch that the phone reveals all its malice. The finish "sandstone" is a treat under the fingers, it is both very soft and a little grainy, reminding a little bit of the feelings of a white chalk. It's really nice, whatever a little slippery. We would still like to see this kind of finish more often on the market but the manufacturing process is complex, it is difficult to propose on large series. OnePlus also indicates that the entire process takes 75 minutes over the phone.

Inside it is a OnePlus 5T all that is more classic, in its version 8 GB / 128 GB. Like the black version, the phone will be offered at 559 euros. Release scheduled for January 9 at 10am, Paris time, exclusively on the site of OnePlus and within the limits of available stocks. However, the firm did not specify the number of copies available. Do as fast if you want to get your hands on it.



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