The Palm brand of smartphones might return in 2018 under TCL's tutelage


Chinese manufacturer TCL has bought many "classic" mobile devices in recent years and has made strategic partnerships with other companies to bring back phones on the market under the names of Alcatel and BlackBerry. Three years ago, the company also took the Palm brand, which it bought from HP, but so far it has not produced any product with this logo. It seems, however, that 2018 could be the year when Palm returns to the market for the beginning in the United States.

Palm has been a pioneer in the field of PDA's smartphones and digital agendas, its latest Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2 and Palm Pixi devices being some of the most advanced on the market at the time of launch. The three of them came equipped with WebOS, a mobile card-based and gesture-based operating system, something the iPhone X is using at the moment, while offering the top of the market wireless charge. Of course, the fact that Palm had managed to integrate a physical QWERTY slide slide into such a small device was impressive at the time

The TCL plan is to bring a new smartphone under the Palm brand exclusively to the Verizon operator in the United States by the middle of 2018. It will probably be based on Android and not on WebOS, an operating system that is now owned by LG, which uses it for its range of smart TVs. A physical keyboard would not be very difficult to implement. TCL is licensed to develop other QWERTY keyboard devices even without the BlackBerry branding, but it is not clear how much a slide phone would have in 2018.

Although in Europe Palm Pre devices did not do much, as they arrived late and in small quantities on the old continent, in the United States, WebOS devices were very popular around the launch. Like BlackBerry and Alcatel under TCL and Nokia under HMD Global, Palm devices could awaken some nostalgia in the minds of consumers, bored with the same small improvements every year for top product manufacturers, which could turn, at least initially, in sales.

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