The PanoClip in the test: 360 degrees for a small price

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Who with his photos in the world of 360-degree images einta I just want to buy an appropriate camera. But they are often not cheap, not very easy to use and when the battery is empty, then shoot with photos.

So why not use a camera instead, which you always have with you? Why not just take panoramic pictures with your iPhone? Well, because Apple is installing better and better cameras and offers more and more features, but even the iPhone X can not take 360-degree photos – until now.

With the PanoClip in the hardwrk edition is exactly this is possible now. The clip is as simple as it is ingenious and simply consists of a slip-on housing for the iPhone with a front and a rear 180-degree lens. The actual work is done by the corresponding PanoClip app. She compiles the panorama image of the front and rear camera into a 360-degree image. Instead of relying on its own and therefore expensive camera system, the clip simply uses the excellent cameras of the iPhone. And there is no need to worry about an extra power supply, the plug-on lenses are completely without electrical components and thus without battery.

Plug in and get started

And since the clip dispenses with technology, no time must be wasted with annoying coupling of the devices. Just plug it in, open the PanoClip app and unlock it with the enclosed QR code.

The app is also relatively clear. So photos and videos of other panoramic photographers in the community tab can be viewed. In addition, the album can be found with their own, previously recorded images. This is where the camera mode hides to shoot new photos with the PanoClip. This feature could have quietly obtained a more prominent place in the app. The third tab is finally reserved for the settings. There, for example, an own logo or a watermark can be integrated into the pictures.

The camera function itself is also very simple. Next to the button for the trigger there are two more buttons for stickers and filters. Similar to Instagram or the iOS photo app, a filter with different effects and color moods can be placed over the image before triggering. Once you’ve decided on a theme, the app captures the 360-degree panorama and automatically merges the pictures into a finished photo. However, the program needs a short while and the user should hold the iPhone with the PanoClip plugged in during this time. If you are satisfied with the result, you can either share the image with the Insta community, post on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or send it as a link to your own contacts via iMessage, for example. Unfortunately, unlike more expensive 360-degree cameras, the Panoclip can not record video.


For the money you can not go wrong with the PanoClip. Although true 360-degree cameras offer more features and better image quality, they are also many times more expensive. Also, the handling is quite simple and especially on vacation you want to have an easy to use and simple solution for beautiful pictures. If you have no problem shooting selfies and you can easily do without menus with many settings options, you will find the PanoClip the cheapest and really good introduction to 360-degree photography.

           Product Note

Hardwrk PanoClip – Lens attachment for Apple iPhone X as a 360 Degree Camera – 360 Degree Images Lens Lens Clip Photo Accessories

test result
Product Name PanoClip
Manufacturer [Hardcover
Price 60 €
Website www.hardwrk. com
  • Super simple operation
  • value
System iPhone 7/8 or iPhone X

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