The phones tested by Go4it in the T1 2018. Here we have seen Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2 or Huawei P20 Lite


It's been three months since 2018, and we've been able to test some popular or important smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2, Go4it Huawei Mate 10 Lite or Huawei P20 Lite. We present their list, but also the conclusions reached by the authors for each model.

Huawei P20 Lite review: Chinese best-selling move to premium design

"The P20 Lite is a clear evolution of Huawei's mid-range range of devices, offering a new, modernized design and a slightly better performance than in the past. In terms of performance, this is worse, offering only minimal upgrades to other Lite models from previous years. The increased price for previous generations will probably keep some of those interested in Huawei's mid-range devices, but there will certainly be plenty of subscription deals and plenty of discounts throughout the year to convince many users to buy it . The P20 Lite seems to remain a best buy for less demanding users, especially considering how similar it is to the outside with the more expensive ones. "

Xperia XZ2 – Welcome back, Sony! [REVIEW]

"We have often criticized Sony for its unchangeable design for many years and the mediocre cameras on the range peaks, sometimes with sensors used by other companies on mid-range models. The Xperia XZ2 is another story. With this model Sony has returned to race. We have an excellent smartphone equipped with features and functions, with fresh design and a room with which the company can finally pride. It also features features such as 4K HDR and Super slow motion (Full HD), excellent front speakers and the new vibration system that I really appreciate. Sony Xperia XZ2 is my favorite smartphone, one of those launched this year. It has a price of 3,500 lei, as the range peaks from other companies are over the $ 1,000 threshold. Moreover, the company will offer a gift to those who pre-fit the smartphone by April 6th, a premium Sony WH-1000X M2 headset (costing $ 300 separately), with background noise canceling function. They can be used wirelessly or wired. "

Samsung Galaxy S9: a new flagship standard for Android [REVIEW]

"The Galaxy S9 could not be as big as the Galaxy S8. Conservative design has allowed improvements to other capabilities, such as the camera, which is currently one of the best on a smartphone, better than competition in some chapters and weaker at others. Extra gross performance is useful for those who depend on the phone for work, but not many will benefit from it because you do not need a stronger processor for social networks. The display is also excellent and for those who consume a lot of multimedia content, both the speakers and the headphones in the package will offer a very enjoyable user experience.

Of course, each product has some hurdles, and S9 manages to straighten a little bit when it comes to autonomy, authentication systems, and some camera functions that have been a little hurried. We hope, however, that at least some of the few minor drawbacks will be corrected in the future by software updates, to bring this model closer to perfection.

Of course, no product will ever be perfect, but Samsung tries to get closer to its smartphones a year. Despite criticism, the Galaxy S9 (and probably its "brother" S9 +) is probably the most complete Android device on the market, one that all other companies will try to outperform in the coming months. This means we will see fierce competition in the smartphone market in 2018, and we, consumers, will have the most to win. "

Motorola Moto X4 – elegant smartphone with premium level aspirations [REVIEW]

"The Moto X4 manages to bring a breath of freshness, even if it keeps largely unchanged Motorola-specific design. As long as the use of Moto Mods accessories is not one of the priorities, the Moto X4 can be a good alternative to the more expensive products in the range, the performance and quality of the construction being exemplary

Also appreciated is the Android 8.0 version, almost identical to the one seen in the Google Pixel phone series, but enhanced with Motorola's exclusive features

The cameras are of good quality and can successfully replace a dedicated camera, offering detailed and well-exposed images. The 4K shooting feature is a welcome bonus to this price range, especially since the recordings are pretty good.

The Motorola Moto X4 can be found in our store's offer at $ 1,850. "

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018): affordable mid-range or affordable premium? [REVIEW]

"The Galaxy A8 is a smartphone that targets slightly higher than the rest of mid-range premium players, but this puts it in a high price category. Other companies sell at a similar price high-end models such as OnePlus 5T. Even Samsung will start reducing the Galaxy S8 at a very close price with the launch of the S9, which is still a top phone in all respects. It will be interesting to track the evolution of the Galaxy A8 (2018) and Samsung's mid-range premium range for the next year. "

Huawei Mate 10 Lite: a mid-range almost "premium" [REVIEW]

"Mate 10 Lite ranges between mid-range and premium offering some of the advantages and disadvantages of each product category. It comes with a large, bright and high-quality display, but it has an outdated processor and not very high-performance cameras. Autonomy suffers from these reasons, and the software is not up to date.

However, the user experience is enjoyable, but it is not clear how long it will last, especially if software updates that optimize resource management are delayed. In its price category, Mate 10 Lite is an interesting proposition, which rises over other models in certain chapters, but is surpassed in others. "

HTC U11 Life: For fans of Android "clean" [REVIEW]

"U11 Life is a very weird phone given the smartphone market today. We're dealing with a "conservative" design and medium-performance hardware packed with a "clean" Android operating system. As an alternative to other upgraded devices, its only real edge is the software due to Android One. Of course, the U11 series mid-range premium model is the newly announced U11 EYEs, which is currently only available in China and we would like to see it more closely in the near future. U11 Life is thus a smartphone that has come to market probably too late but can attract a certain audience, passionate about the operating system from Google rather than the HTC brand. "

ARCHOS Diamond Omega – is the smartphone accessible with 8 GB of RAM an alternative to OnePlus 5T? [REVIEW]

"At a price of $ 2,340, ARCHOS Diamond Omega is a premium range with premium design, a competitive room and great performance, which can be an alternative to OnePlus 5T, but also to many of the last-to-last range . The smartphone, however, has a non-surprise screen and does not include features that have become standard on many of the current range peaks, such as room optics, dust and water resistance or wireless charging. "

UMIDIGI S2, Full Screen Design Smartphone and Big Battery at a Budget Price [REVIEW]

"Well built and equipped with a generous capacity battery, UMIDIGI S2 can be a good choice for a smartphone to use everyday. Despite the appreciable size of the 5.99 "screen and the battery used, the phone is not too thick and looks easy in the palm of your hand. The molded piece of metal is pleasant to touch and handy to handle, and the glass shield with slightly curved edges and good oleophobic coating complements the impression of a product that looks more expensive than it actually is. Sure, the screen resolution could be higher, and the camera with better performance in poor light conditions, but overall we choose a good value for money. "

UHANS i8 – Affordable Full Screen Design and Facial Recognition [REVIEW]

"Thought as a low-cost alternative to premium devices offered by much better-rated manufacturers, the UHANS i8 manages to convince by the quality of finishes and the successful design, brought to a level that is hard to match this price range. But the device also has other trump cards: good quality FHD screen, Android 7.0 version with friendly interface and minimal preinstalled baggage, enough RAM and storage space. "

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