The photo session to graduate from this US student gave rise to a huge scandal


A college graduate from Tennessee has caused an Internet scandal after publishing a controversial image on a social networking site. In the pictures, the young woman has the message "Women for Trump" and a pistol at her waist. The picture was published after a series of massive protests in which the participants called for stricter control over firearms in America.

In spite of controversy over photography, 22-year-old Brenna Spencer said he has no regrets and does not like "normal graduation" pictures.

A woman even alerted the police after seeing her student photos. It seems that the photographs were made in front of (and possibly on property) a museum where visitors are not allowed to enter with firearms. Others have supported Twitter on Brenna and congratulated her for defending a constitutional right to own a weapon.

Spencer, who is preparing to get a license in communication, said he has multiple weapons and works for a conservative nonprofit organization.

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