The Photos App in Action: How to Keep the Apple App Under Control

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For amateur photographers and casual crackers, Apple's Photos app is the application of choice to manage and manipulate images. Let's show you how to do it.

Since April 2015 - as part of the update on OS X "Yosemite" - the Photos app, called "Photos" in English, has followed in the footsteps of iPhoto. Initially, the criticism was great, as initially many of iPhoto known and popular with the users functions had been eliminated. Meanwhile, the excitement has subsided and the new photo application from Apple is even more powerful and has more features than its predecessor. Above all, the image editing capabilities has complemented Apple and the integration into iCloud and the extension of plug-ins and third-party apps enabled. It does not matter if you shoot with a digital SLR, a system or a compact camera, with the photos app it is easy to organize and edit pictures. And with the iPhone or iPad, the Photos app and iCloud work even a little better together.

The number of photos you make with your camera and iPhone every day is likely to increase. The same applies to the amount of data, as the resolution of the photos has increased over the years. Therefore, preserving the overview is more important than ever.

 Once "Copy objects to the photo library" is activated, photos are stored centrally in one place.