The postal service in Russia launched the first droning parcel delivery. It collapsed on the first flight

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Recently, the postal service in Russia tested a delivery drones in the city of Ulan-Ude in Siberia. The Drona violently collapsed in a wall of a nearby building, which led to the complete destruction of the apparatus.

Russia has announced plans to begin delivering letters using the drones. It is a very good idea, given that in such a large country, with unpredictable weather, transport is often interrupted, writes Discover.

The $ 20,000 drones had to pick up a small package and deliver it to a nearby village. The device failed spectacularly, walking only a short distance before collapsing into a three-story building.

No one was injured by the accident, apart from the drones and the pride of the authorities in that locality.

However, the project will continue. "We will not stop with this, we will continue to try," said Alexei Tsydenov, an official from the region. "Those who do not risk have no results," he added.

We do not know exactly what happened, but project developers suspect that the Wi-Fi network in the area has had an influence

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