The products did not announce Apple on the educational event

In the run-up to the interested users was clear that Apple will present at the spring event in Chicago, a new low-priced iPad, which will mainly rely on previous hardware. Nevertheless, the disappointment was great, as Apple introduced only the iPad and numerous app updates for iWork and Co. After all, they had expected more.

New MacBook Air at a low price

For example, a MacBook Air would have been well integrated into the educational theme. Earlier rumors came that Apple in the second quarter of 2018, a cheaper model on the market. However, product maintenance for the Air has been rather marginal in recent years, with the result that an update in the coming months could only be published with a short press release. Alternatively, a performance at the WWDC on June 4th would potentially be possible.

Is not iPhone SE 2 coming?

In addition to an entry-level Apple laptop, a budget-priced iPhone for students and school students would have matched the event, demonstrating connectivity between Apple products. As a hot candidate was already a successor to the iPhone SE in recent months repeatedly in conversation. Since the SE has been on the market for two years, an update would be overdue. According to a vague report from China, the second generation could also be presented at the WWDC.

Where's Apple's AirPower?

Together with the iPhone 8 (Plus) and the iPhone X, Apple announced last September a charging mat to support the wireless charging of multiple devices. While it was then talked about a publication in 2018, came in recent months, the rumor that a publication in late March to take place. Although there are only a few days left to announce the launch of the press release, this seems unlikely. The reason for this lies among others with the US authority FCC, which AirPower has not yet released. This could of course be done at any time, but already at the HomePod passed between the release and the launch about two weeks. We may also hear about this product at the WWDC in June.

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