The prophecy 19 years ago by a writer "Star Trek" has come true


David Gerrold is a science fiction author and former scriptwriter for the Star Trek franchise. He wrote 19 years ago in a commentary published in the Smart Reseller magazine that many electronic devices at the time - the phone, the camera, the recorder, the music player - will evolve into one. It is known today as the smartphone. "It will be a box of less than 2.5 centimeters less than a pack of playing cards," he wrote. The author added that this box could be connected to a monitor and a keyboard, which is happening today via devices such as Samsung DeX

He also wrote digital voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant who could answer questions and perform tasks for users

Gerrold would, however, make an incredible prophecy for that moment, which has come true. He referred in 1999 to the fact that these devices would "destroy" the privacy of the users. As for the smartphone, which he calls PITA (Personal Information Telecommunications Agent), the writer wrote: "The acronym comes from Pain In The Ass, because all that connectivity will destroy what's left of the privacy of everyone."

The article of the author has recently viralized, in the context of the difficult period of Facebook.

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