the robot that assembles Ikea furniture for you

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Designed to be as efficient as possible to carry and easy to assemble, Ikea furniture is nevertheless a challenge for shoppers who are uninitiated in the "art" of assembling after the instruction manual

Named Ikeabot, the system demonstrated by a Singapore company is actually made up of two industrial robots, programmed to collaborate in assembling furniture.

A more sophisticated version of them could use artificial intelligence technologies to interpret the instruction manual, detailing each step of assembling without external help. But for now, the assembly process depends on programming in the smallest detail of all movements, which must be done by specially trained and repeated technicians for any new type of furniture

A relatively simple task, assembling a chair using Ikeabot takes about 20 minutes if everything goes well. In practice, any sliding of the maneuverable object according to the pre-programmed instructions may hinder the completion of the assembly operation. Fortunately, the computerized system also has software routines that can correct mistakes and repeat certain phases.

It remains to be seen whether or not the robotic assembling service will appear in the offer of the furniture stores. It is certain that the observation of the whole process as a spectator can be a fun in itself for the visitors of the big shopping centers

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