The Samsung Gear S2 clock received a software update that adds the features of the Gear S3


The Samsung Gear S2 has been such an exciting device that Samsung has not been tired of changing much of its hardware on the newer Gear S3 and Gear Sport. Unfortunately, however, its Tizen operating system lagged behind that of the more recent models. It seems, however, that Samsung has not forgotten the Gear S2 users, bringing this model up to date with all the software features available on more recent models through a software update

Those who are still using a Gear S2 and have not upgraded to a more recent model will still be able to keep it, because now all the functions and menus are identical between the three generations. The radial menu, controlled via the wheel around the display, is now better structured and can be navigated through fewer touchscreens, while the Quick Settings menu is always at a top-down swipe.

Among the news, there are several ways to monitor your business, control videos from Samsung TVs or smartphones, control Gear VR virtual reality applications, control Power Point presentations, and a long-time application more detailed.

Software update is available right now, installing it can be done using Samsung Gear on smartphones. Since a smart clock launched more than two years ago is still working well today and is still receiving software updates, we're starting to wonder why devices such as the Galaxy S6 and S7, much more popular than smartwats, do not receive similar treatment from the company.

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