The singer Akon announces a cryptomon with the name "inspired": AKoin


Although it does not appear in the recent music charts, singer Akon has returned to the fore with an announcement made at Cannes Lions. The artist will launch a virtual coin called "AKoin". So far, nothing has come to nothing. However, the singer of Senegalese origin wants to use the funds obtained from the cryptomonade to build a town called Akon Crypto City. It was to be built near Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The land had already been made available to Akon by the African state authorities.

When technical details were asked about the virtual currency, Akon did not get complicated. "I came up with the concepts and let the nerds handle the rest," he said.

This was not the only important announcement made by the artist. He said he is thinking of running for president in 2020 against Donald Trump.

New virtual coins appear like mushrooms after rain. Roberto Escobar, the biological brother of the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar, announced in March this year a virtual coin called Diet Bitcoin (DDX). Moreover, the Marshall Islands government has announced that it will issue this year its own cryptomon, called "The Sovereign", which will circulate alongside the US dollar.

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