The site of closed after 21 years of activity. The same will be the forum

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                                                                        , dedicated to gaming information, closed after 21 years of activity, according to an announcement published on its associated forum, Mediafax reports.

"Starting today (April 18th), the Gaming news, articles, and gaming reviews of will cease activity. Thank you for joining us all these years. (1997-2018) ", according to the announcement published on the official Facebook account

According to another announcement published on Monday on Facebook, the ComputerGames Forum will close on May 20.

Silviu Stroie, founder of the platform, said the site was closed because it was not cost-effective and because of the new rules on personal data protection.

"There are tens of thousands of people involved who have made announcements, it is difficult to manage," said Silviu Stroie, who added that the project was a hobby.

Released in 1997, the site was considered the best online resource in Canada for news and reviews about games, gaming downloads, hardware, software and software information

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