The smart home does not seem to be about saving

Unsurprisingly, the world's largest market for smart home products in the USA, but also in Germany, sales and sales have been rising for years. Meanwhile, almost everything in the household can be replaced by a smart device. Everything can be networked, from the door lock, to the toilet, to the smoke detector. But why do customers in Germany put smart home devices to work, what are the motives? This question has now been investigated by a Statista study commissioned by "E wie Einfach".

Comfort goes beyond safety

The representative study surveyed 986 persons aged 18 and over across Germany about their reasons for purchasing smart home technology. Surprisingly, safety and energy saving aspects are not among the top three places. More than half of the interviewees named instead the gain in comfort as the main motive. Instead of having to vacuum yourself, this now does a machine. And the light can also be switched on by voice, dimming and adjusting the color. Almost as interesting for smart home users is the fun of modern technology. However, energy savings, for example due to smart heating thermostats, as well as more security in the household, still accounted for around one third of the respondents, even though these aspects only came in fifth and sixth.


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