The smartphone market is showing signs of fatigue, with the region's biggest decline in sales over the last five years


Needed to handle a very competitive market, most smartphone makers have chosen the most handy solution – massive copying of marketing and design strategies, using top brands as an example. However, the effects of market saturation with almost identical devices are fully felt, with sales reported for the Chinese market being 21% lower than in the previous year

Without the budget needed to invest heavily in the development of alternative design technologies and concepts, budget-compliant manufacturers have fought for the launch of smartphones that are largely similar, making it impossible for consumers to see clearly in the eyes of their buyers. Some of them have reorientated directly to premium brands, with the idea of ​​buying at least the "authentic" version of the coveted device, but many have not been convinced of the trends of the moment, ignoring the current smartphone generation.

It remains to be seen how many of the small producers will resist the biggest decline in sales since 2013 and so far, but certainly will be the winners. Thus, while Oppo and Vivo brands announced a 10% drop, Gionee, Meizu and Samsung delivered less than half of the volume recorded for the Chinese market last year. Instead, Xiaomi sales increased 37 percent, with the manufacturer being helped by the highly diversified smartphone offering entry-level priced models starting at $ 160 and reaching the high-end range of the Mi Mix 2S and Mi 6X.

With a sales increase of just 2%, Huawei could at least partially recover the gap with Xiaomi rival in the second half of this year with the help of the new P20 series

Need to invest more in research to stay competitive, smartphone manufacturers may be out of the race, while others will opt for a reduced downloading frequency, leaving more time to bring innovations and create a design original.

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