The Sofia robot is quiet. That's why people are afraid of artificial intelligence


Sophia, a humanoid robot endowed with artificial intelligence, said at a UN-sponsored conference that people are afraid of artificial intelligence because they are reading too many false news about this subject. According to her, this technology will ease people's lives.

"The use of IT in industry will increase, but people have adapted to the changes brought about by industrial revolutions in the past," Sophia said in a three-minute speech. "New jobs will be generated and the job I will do will help you do a better job that is less dangerous and repetitive so you have more time for things that please you" , continued the robot.

Then Sophia made a joke: it will be the first car to escalate Mount Everest

Sophia, who will soon attend a conference organized in Romania, was developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. This robot is the first to receive the citizenship of a state, Saudi Arabia. However, some experts have said that Sophia is a marketing tool and that true artificial intelligence is not this.

Yann LeCun, head of Facebook's AI division, said Sophia is "what prestidigitation for true magic is for this technology." "Maybe we could call it 'Potemkin AI'. In other words, it is a total whim, "he wrote on Twitter.

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