the technology that lets you see through walls without video cameras or X-rays

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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technology called RF-Pose that can "see" people through the walls without using complex equipment such as thermal imaging or X-ray cameras. It uses neural networks and radio antennas to track people's movements even if they are behind walls. Obviously, the technology works within a short range.

This technology is a project by a team at MIT's Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory who wants to use this technology to passively monitor those suffering from diseases such as Parkinson's and MS (sclerosis), without violating the privacy of the patient using video cameras or other intrusive methods. Also, anyone who could be monitored by RF-Pose will have to give their consent, and the data collected will be anonymous and encrypted

For RF-Pose, researchers used neural networks to "teach" a computer certain parameters of radio networks and how they are modified by people's movements. Using a real-time video stream, the computer has determined that human movements have an effect on radio waves. These parameters were then plotted by a line figurine, and the computer was able to track people in the environment even if they did not have the video stream

Since the radio waves can pass through most walls, the computer can follow people's movements and interpret them visually, even without seeing them

The result is a little frightening, but MIT claims that in all cases where this technology will be used, users will have to give their consent for tracking, and the tracking activation process involves a number of physical moves. It is not clear whether RF-Pose will also come as "commercial" products in addition to medical applications, as technology could easily be used for security monitoring or remote control by gestures.

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