The two advantages that the iPhone 2018 generation could bring to competition

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More dynamic than ever in the past few years, the Android phone market is releasing tape innovations: retractable cameras that are hidden when not in use, screen phones on the entire surface of the carcass, fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen, sound played through screen glass , two-screen phones, faster wireless charging, and the list can continue. Meanwhile, Apple is focusing on capitalizing on the strengths of the iPhone series

At the risk of being ridiculed by Android fans, Apple engineers seem to focus on practical innovations and less on extravagant endowments. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 2018 series will focus on introducing and improving dual SIM support and boosting processor performance

So far, no iPhone has been featured with dual-SIM functionality, so inclusion of this feature could well be welcomed by Apple fans. However, implementation may differ from one region to another. So if in regions like China the new iPhone models will have a SIM card that allows the installation of two cards, the version for the United States could retain the configuration with a single SIM card slot. Instead, Apple will equip each iPhone sold with an Apple SIM virtual card, letting users choose whether to use it or not

Another trump to be enjoyed by almost all iPhone users is the Apple A12 chipset, more powerful than the solution delivered last year on the iPhone X and with lower energy consumption. The new iPhone models will also be helped with a 4GB of RAM, leaving more flexibility for multitasking.

Unfortunately, at the lower price range, the iPhone 2018 series may not benefit from too many innovations. According to rumors so far, Apple will launch an iPhone model with LCD screen. Addressing modest budget buyers, it gets a "recycled" configuration according to the iPhone's last year's specifications

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