The world's easiest wooden bicycle weighs less than 3 pounds and is made in Arad

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The world's easiest wooden bicycle was made by Dan Sobol, a mechanical engineer in Arad County. The two-wheeled vehicle weighs 2,924 grams and is functional and is made of more than 1,500 pieces of wood, according to Mediafax correspondent

Dan Sobol has been working on the world's easiest wooden bicycle for about nine months, after years of completing various models, but much heavier. The bicycle weighs nearly 200 grams more than the world's smallest two-wheel vehicle in the world, made by a German.

"We have made the world's easiest wooden bicycle, weighing only 2,924 grams. For now, I did not beat the world record, in the sense that the world's lightest bicycle is made of carbon, was done ten years ago but was dismantled and sold in the meantime. That bike weighed 2,800 grams. My bicycle is made of 99% wood, only the wheel axle is iron, "said Dan Sobol, correspondent for Mediafax.

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Aradan says the bicycle he made is ecological, because he used only a water-based adhesive, aracet type, and is made up of over 1,500 pieces of wood.

"The idea of ​​making such a bicycle I have long ago. I was an airplane teacher at the Children's Palace in Arad and from that moment I started working on various models. I have several functional or experimental wooden bikes that are heavier. We have all tested, we have experienced and finally managed to make this bike, which is a jewel. The bicycle was made from over 1,500 pieces of wood and has over 2,000 holes of relief and cuts. It's a fabulous work in the back, only one wheel has 300 holes. The bicycle is perfectly functional and 100% ecological, because we did not use any resins, just organic glue, "said Dan Sobol.

The Arad man said he intends to change the front wheel as well as the vehicle's handlebars in order to make others lighter so they can break down the world record. Also, the engineer wants to equip the bike with a wireless gear change system.

"For now, the bike is mechanical, it does not have electronic components, but it is going to find collaborators to achieve this part. In the patent for the bicycle it is equipped with a wireless speed change system, "explained Dan Sobol.

The engineer in Arad says he has received the first orders for such wooden bicycles, which are made according to customer requirements.

"I want to make small series of wooden bicycles, piece with piece, customized. We have already received some orders, and prices start somewhere from 1,200 euros upwards. I think people opt for such wood bikes, not carbon, because that ecological concept is fashionable, then because they are beautiful, white, more loved to say so, plus the wood has an elasticity that does not has none of the other materials. On the wooden bicycle I made I used wood essence, mainly Norwegian pine, for ash areas use ash. We have also used aviation plywood and yew wood, a resilient wood, elastic, lightweight, durable and very beautiful as well as bamboo wood in round areas, "explained Dan Sobol

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