There is a huge crash over Germany: severe weather is threatening here soon


Oh what a pity: on the holiday (Thursday is Father's Day!) The corn summer is running out of steam: reports that Germany will hit an Icelandic low from the middle of the week, bringing storms and storms.

With numerous clouds and occasional downpours it pulls on Thursday over the west inland. There is not much left over from the summer of summer, especially since the temperatures behind the front sink into the cellar.

The maximum values ​​come to a standstill at 12 to 17 degrees. In the eastern half, it gets really warm again at 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, but the weather is threatening. In addition to local downpours and hail, thunderstorm cells can also bring gusts of wind up to 100 km / h of wind gusts. Pretty unpleasant prospects so for all men's day trippers.

The areas in which severe weather is threatening are shown in the web app Windy. On a satellite map, you can see detailed wind, temperature, and weather forecasts for Germany and the rest of the world.
Windy provides you with graphically-detailed, detailed weather information. The free web app especially convinces with its visually appealing animated maps.


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