These sport shoes are made of chewing gum. Here's how many pairs can be made with 1kg of recycled material


Chewing gum helps us quit or focus better on the wheel. But this product is also an important pollution factor, like cigarette butts. Three organizations - Iamsterdam, Explicit Wear and Gumdrop - have found a use for recycled chewing gum. It is used for the production of sports shoes.

Named Gumshoe, the collection includes materials that are made up to 20% of chewing gum. For every four pairs of shoes use 1 kg of gum.

According to the project's initiators, 1.5 million kilograms of chewing gum come each year on Amsterdam's streets and sidewalks

A pair of Gumshoe shoes will cost 190 euros. The collection will be available in July this year.

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