"They Should Respond to Congress"


Roger McNamee, one of the first Facebook investors and ex-mentor of Mark Zuckerberg, launched a virulent attack on the founder of the social network, accusing him of disappointing users and promoting fake news.

McNamee has written a series of articles for The Washington Monthly, The Washington Post and The Guardian within a week, accusing Facebook of ignoring the "negative actors" who have manipulated the social platform

McNamee said Mark Zuckerberg should respond to the US Congress to justify "Facebook's refusal to take responsibility."

He wrote in The Washington Monthly that he had reported false information during the presidential election in 2017, but Facebook did not take action

"The platform has been exploited by several negative actors, including supporters of extremism, but the administration claims Facebook is not responsible," wrote Zuckerberg's former mentor. "We warned that Facebook users would not always agree with me. There is a risk that the brand will become toxic. "

In his interview with The Washington Post, McNamee wrote that Facebook was "perfect to become a tool for harmful actors," and users can expect even more fake news and manipulations, especially around the election

"The same tools that have made Facebook addicted to users and helped advertisers are dangerous in the hands of negative actors."

Because of automation, Facebook can not prevent harmful action. These will be repeated until Facebook takes aggressive action. The problem can not be solved by recruiting collaborators to review the problematic messages. The company has to change the priorities of its algorithms and remodel its business model, "McNamee wrote.

Facebook was criticized for" technical support "given to Russians, who would have manipulated the results of the presidential election in US. Evidence has shown that some accounts associated with Russia wanted to exploit racial tensions in the US and turned Facebook into a propaganda tool

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