This implant could help alcohol addicts to give up this flaw

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Researchers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have created a device – a biosensor with a volume of just one millimeter cube – that can be implanted under the skin of a person without the need for surgery

When a person drinks, a sensor-enhancing enzyme creates a byproduct that sends a wireless electrical signal to a portable device (such as a smartwatch), writes Discover

For now, the millimeter was tested in the laboratory only, under pork skin, using ethanol. If everything goes well, the implant will be tested on humans. Researchers also believe that the device can also be modified to monitor the amount of other substances in the body.

"Ultimately, the goal is to create an effective device to monitor the amount of alcohol and drugs in patients who are in rehabilitation programs," said Drew Hell, lead author of the project.

Simply put, when you drink (or consume drugs), another person will find out immediately, being alerted by an app on a smartwatch.

In a certain way, the method is probably not so ethical, but it can help a dependent person to get rid of vice by bringing other people (family and / or specialists) to support the cause

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