This is something new: Adobe is giving away Adobe XD CC

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If you do not just want to design a user interface, you still have to pay at least 15 euros a month – for the entire Creative Cloud you'll pay a whole 35 euros a month. But now there is one or the other alternative to Adobe, which could run out of rank the place deer quite. The universally popular image editing tool GIMP is completely free of charge and since the update to the latest version a serious competitor to Photoshop. If that's not enough: For just under 50 euros, and paid once, you get the image editor Affinity Photo – the trial version can be downloaded from us.
The same applies to Illustrator, because here are the 35 euros good created elsewhere. Open Source fans use Inkscape, which makes it easy to create and edit vector illustrations. If it is to be a direct competitor to the product from Adobe, scores the Affinity Designer – this tool is also available for 50 euros and offers even more features than the Adobe Illustrator. And if that's too expensive for Adobe InDesign, Scribus is the place to go – the free layout tool offers a wealth of ways to create brochures, flyers, books, and more.
Also, when it comes to video editing, There is a whole selection on the freeware market. By far the most professional tool you can get with DaVinci Resolve on your computer: This has already been cut so many movies, also scores the tool with numerous features and a tidy interface, against which Adobe Premiere Pro hardly comes.


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